Kiara - The Soul Kitchen

Kiara basis its brand story around the three strong pillars of: Purity, mindfulness and innovation

Purity of ingredients, sourced locally from farms: fresh, healthy and preservative free. Purity also personified in the ambience that is pleasing to the eye and calming to the soul, yet minimalistic and rooted. Innovative in serving and plating styles that are picture perfect. Innovative also in its kitchen wherein totally new recipes are rustled up in a child-like manner as chefs play with existing cooking bastions to create a whole new form of cuisine that is like a burst of flavours. But above all, Kiara is mindful and responsible serving cuisine that has nutrition and well-being at its heart.

And all these attributes come together to coin a new phrase in hospitality: SOUL KITCHEN. Kiara invents the concept of ‘soul kitchen’, bringing it to India in the form of a restaurant chain that will combine the pleasure of eating out with the purity of eating at home. Its commitment is to serve food cooked from the heart, with a heart and for your heart.