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Fresh & Simple: Cooking with a heart

A fine dining all vegetarian restaurant by two brothers that couples taste with wellness


Kiara aims to combine the pleasure of eating out with purity of eating at home. It brings wisdom of ancient food systems to modern Indian & Oriental cuisine.  Founded by two staunch vegetarians who are as concerned about wellness and ethical food as innovative taste, Kiara is the brain child of Manav and Madhav Windlass. 


Housed in G.K II, Delhi’s fast emerging fine dining district, Kiara combines Asian cooking techniques with classic recipes. 


Taste with a heart, Kiara invokes soul cooking in its recipes, ensuring that what arrives on your table is mindfully cooked, nutritional and sourced locally. It is also vegan compliant making it a heaven for those who want to eat well but also feel well thereafter.  The chefs keep nutrition utmost in their cooking concerns ensuring that they replace unhealthy ingredients with an equally scrumptious but very healthy alternative.


Experimental and innovative, near spiritual in its discovery trail, Kiara makes being a vegetarian a soul song. A delight for the heart, body and soul. 

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